Civilization – The Way We Live Now, National Museum of Modern and Comtemporary Art, Seoul

18th October 2018

Three of my works feature in the new global touring exhibition ‘Civilization – The Way We live Now’ by William A Ewing and Holly Roussell, show runs 18-10-2018 to 17-2-2019 at the National Museum of Modern and Comtemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.

‘Our fast-changing world seen through the lenses of 140 leading contemporary photographers around the globe.

We hurtle together into the future at ever-increasing speed – or so it seems to the collective psyche. Perpetually evolving, morphing, building and demolishing, rethinking, reframing and reshaping the world around and ahead – and the people within it – an emerging, planetary-wide Civilization is our grand, global, collective endeavour. Never before in human history have so many people been so interconnected, and so interdependent.

With close to 500 images, many previously unpublished, this landmark publication takes stock of the material and spiritual cultures that make up ‘civilization’. Ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from our great collective achievements to our ruinous collective failings, Civilization: The Way We Live Now explores the complexity of contemporary civilization through the rich, nuanced language of photography.’

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