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My monograph ‘Restricted Residence’ published by Loose Joints is available to purchase here.

‘Radiation is perhaps the most iconic of the invisible pollutants. For those of us who can see, vision is one of our most prominent senses. We depend on it so much that when something is not visible, we consider it non-existent. Giles Price addresses this potently in his “Restricted Residence” series. He reminds us that radiation is real. It can be seen. Price’s photographs call upon us to treat it as real.’ – Aileen Mioko Smith, Director of Green Action and co-author with W. Eugene Smith of ‘Minamata: A warning to the world’

‘His series is people-filled, but this is also a portrait of absence, invisibility and uncertainty. For, hidden deep within the images, Price captures something far more insidious – the questioning of what might be taking place, undetectable, within one’s own body. What hidden stresses – physical and psychological – are these people under? Can they ever truly understand the land they have decided to return to?’ –  Tom Seymour for Wallpaper*

‘The use of the thermal camera is employed in sensible metaphor and offers a way in which to describe the unseen calamity harbouring at the edges of the atmosphere within. To call Price’s book clever would be a disservice to himself and those involved.’ – Brad Feuerhelm for ASX

‘The normalcy of the photos is misleading, forcing viewers to look for something that isn’t present. Price invites visitors, in a brilliant fashion, to experience the unseen weight of the psychological burden while attempting to grasp the impact of radiation.’ – Lily Katzman for Smithsonian Magazine

‘Price’s book encourages viewers to rethink their own perception about environments affected by tragedy.’ – Marigold Warner for British Journal of Photography