E20 12 Under Construction

‘E20 12’ Under Construction is a documentary project which combines large format and minutely detailed aerial landscapes with arresting portraits of the workforce taken during the construction of the 2012 Olympic site.
The aerial pictures push the boundaries of the visual language of satellite imaging, such as Google Earth. These photographs, produced with the aid of the latest camera technology , allow the viewer to experience a new way of seeing the construction of the Olympic Park with stunning detail and beauty. They reveal a previously invisible perspective on the intricacy  of the landscape and the overwhelming scale of its transformation.
Conversely, the pictures of workers show us the unseen human face of those involved in the construction of the site. These engaging portraits add a personal dimension to the depiction of the transformation, and offer a glimpse into the hidden stories of the Olympic Park.
By combining an aerial perspective with the view from the ground, price’s photographs create a comprehensive, twofold narrative of the transformation of East London brought about by the Olympics. This alternative vision of the construction of the Olympic Park raises interesting questions about the scale and impact of this mega-project.