My monograph 'Restricted Residence' published by Loose Joints is available to purchase here.

'His series is people-filled, but this is also a portrait of absence, invisibility and uncertainty. For, hidden deep within the images, Price captures something far more insidious – the questioning of what might be taking place, undetectable, within one’s own body. What hidden stresses – physical and psychological – are these people under? Can they ever truly understand the land they have decided to return to?’ -  Tom Seymour for Wallpaper*

'The use of the thermal camera is employed in sensible metaphor and offers a way in which to describe the unseen calamity harbouring at the edges of the atmosphere within. To call Price’s book clever would be a disservice to himself and those involved.' - Brad Feuerhelm for ASX
'The normalcy of the photos is misleading, forcing viewers to look for something that isn’t present. Price invites visitors, in a brilliant fashion, to experience the unseen weight of the psychological burden while attempting to grasp the impact of radiation.’ - Lily Katzman for Smithsonian Magazine
'Price’s book encourages viewers to rethink their own perception about environments affected by tragedy.’ - Marigold Warner for British Journal of Photography